United Credit Service Supports Employees Giving Back to the Community

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“Giving of any kind… taking an action… begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe.”~ Mbali Creazzo

UCS has always supported philanthropic organizations both locally and nationally, from adopting local families during the holiday season to supporting ARMing Hero’s, a national accounts receivable management charity that helps veterans and their families pay off their debts.

We also have an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) called Credit to the Community which gives us the opportunity to volunteer as individuals, not just as a company. 

The mission of this program, in conjunction with our corporate mission statement, is to be a good corporate citizen by encouraging volunteerism and participation in the activities intended to enhance, serve, and /or impact the quality of life in the communities in which we live, work, and thrive.  It is our mission to enrich our own (team members) lives and increase personal fulfillment through volunteerism.  And through our interactions within the communities, create goodwill towards our industry.

Team members have been provided with a bank of hours that are referred to as Volunteer Time Off hours or VTO’s. When they want to volunteer at their favorite charity, they request time off using their VTO hours and UCS pays them their current base salary for those hours donated. Each year their VTO bank of hours is refilled so they may continue their volunteering efforts year after year.

They may volunteer individually or work together in groups. 


These VTO hours have enabled our team members to take the time-off necessary to volunteer at: local church and community fundraisers, school endeavors, the breast cancer charity; After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD), Open Arms Free Clinic, Inc., and to give blood at local Red Cross Blood Drives to name a few.

Through the generosity of our team members, this past year alone UCS participated in two food-drives and adopted a family through the local Elkhorn charity HOPE NOW INC.  We’ve also contributed to the local Elkhorn High School Booster’s Club fundraiser, the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department and to ARMing Heroes, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans.

Walworth County was fortunate to have the Open Arms Free Clinic open its doors just over a year ago to serve the health and wellness needs of the uninsured, low income and under-served residents of Walworth County. UCS has helped during this past year by participating in their fundraisers including attending their 1st Birthday Party earlier this month.  We not only have donated to OAFC through their fundraisers, but also logged over 60 volunteer hours within the clinic itself during its first year of operation.

For more information regarding ARMing Heroes, please go to their website at

For additional volunteer opportunities within Walworth County please go to the Walworth County Volunteer Connection at or