patient connect imagePatient Connect

PatientConnect is a patient-centric revenue cycle enhancement service that offers a suite of programs focused on pre-service collections, pre-registration, and patient satisfaction.

You no longer have to choose between happy patients and a healthy bottom-line—PatientConnect increases patient satisfaction while accelerating your revenue cycle.

These à la carte or bundled programs act as an extension to your staff, alleviating the need for new hires and expensive training.  There are no upfront costs or expensive software to purchase with this program.

Patients are increasingly arming themselves with medical information online looking for a more collaborative approach to their health care.  Unfortunately, many patients do little research on their own insurance coverage and have limited understanding of their benefits.

PatientConnect expands this collaborative approach to the financial side of healthcare by arming both the patient and provider with more knowledge—proactively communicating is the key.

It is important for patients to understand your financial policy, their insurance eligibility and benefits, and an estimate of costs. This will help educate both patient and provider and offer a clear understanding of patients’ responsibility.  Pre-service financial counseling also helps identify patients who are eligible for charity care and government assistance.

PatientAdvocate contacts patient. Pre-registration form is completed. Medicaid & charity care eligibility Identified.
PatientAdvocate verifies insurance eligibility, benefits, deductibles, & co-insurance with payers. Obtains required pre-certification/pre-authorization.
PatientAdvocate contacts patient and explains insurance coverage. Provides estimate of total out-of-pocket cost.
Financial counseling is provided and required self-pay balances collected or payment plan initiated.

Advantages to utilizing PatientConnect:

  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces workload on your staff
  • Allows mitigation before date of date of service
  • Identifies Medicaid/charity care eligible
    patients before procedure
  • Minimizes treatment delays
  • Enhances patient flow

  • Increases patient awareness
  • Improves patient and provider satisfaction
  • Increases point-of-service collections
  • Accelerates revenue cycle
  • Reduces bad debt
  • Reduces insurance claims denials